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December 22,2020 The Inspiring Rose Adkins Hulse Wears Suzannah London In Hello! Magazine

I am excited to share with you, the beautiful photos of business founder and entrepreneur Rose Adkins Hulse wearing Suzannah London, courtesy of a shoot for Hello! Magazine.

Rose is both CEO and founder of the ground-breaking company, ScreenHits TV, as well as being a dedicated mother of two young daughters.

Eight years ago she founded her own brand, ScreenHits Limited, which then created ScreenHitsTV, a genius app that allows subscribers to integrate all their streaming platforms from Netflix to Britbox on one app, it is positioned to transform the future of television.

Rose grew up in Santa Monica, and came to London via California State University, Buenos Aires, Hollywood and New York. Throughout her life, she strove to be in charge of her own success. Driven by the words of her favourite artist Amadeo Modigliani “It is your duty in life to save your dream”. She overcame any prejudice she faced in the highly ambitious organisations she has worked for, including Merryl Lynch, Hollywood Reporter, NBC Universal and The Sundance Institute. In Rose’s own words “No one can carry and deliver your dreams for you. Only you can do that. And whenever I find the whole affair too much to bear, I think to myself, if I don’t fight for my dreams, who else will. Never let your dreams die”

Rose embodies the immaculate style that I love to create and it is a joy to see her showcase some of our signature pieces.

Here is Rose with both her daughters, wearing our elegant Obsession Ballerina Dress in Cinderella Blue. 


This special piece makes a wonderful alternative to the traditional wedding dress, or for an equally stunning mother of the bride outfit, and it's also perfectly suited to a black-tie or other formal evening events. 


Obsession Dress Cinderella Blue

Here is another image of Rose with her adorable daughter, wearing our signature Hunter Coat. 



The iconic silhouette takes inspiration from traditional hunting coats and is cut from a striking Italian cloth with a black, blue and white woven check. This piece is just as perfect for winter race meets or weddings as it is over a shift dress for the office. 





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