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Forever Fashion


What are we doing to help our beautiful world?

We’ve worked hard to be the most responsible, thoughtful and sustainable business we can be, but like many companies, we can’t claim to be perfect – yet. So Forever Fashion is our ongoing programme to help get us there – and more quickly – as we continuously evolve and improve our products and our processes, as well as being completely transparent with both clients and collaborators.

With every piece we design and bring to life, therefore, we do our utmost to make thoughtful and responsible decisions throughout its creation.


We are not bound by seasons. Our classic fabrics are not restricted by time of year, so we waste less and cut transport emissions.

We never over-produce. All our Ready-to-Wear designs are produced in small runs to keep the quality as high as possible and cut out any potential over-production.

We work with companies like us – and local to us. Like us, our partners provide high-quality working standards, fair pay for workers and sustainable practises. Like us, they’re small, honest and mostly family-run businesses – British companies where we can, but if not then from Italy, Spain and France, helping with traceability and a lower carbon footprint. We do, however, use certified factories in China to make some of our blouses; we do this purely to cut the costs of manufacture, which means we can price them lower and give more people the chance to wear something truly beautiful.

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We tackle waste by doing all we can ourselves. We make as much as we can in-house and never, ever throw away any fabric or unwanted pieces, but up-cycle instead. On top of that, we also donate fabrics and unwanted pieces to fashion students to help with their collections (and hopefully their careers), as well as to our own workers.

We’re as natural as we can be. We use cloths made from natural fibres as much as we can, and where we use forest-based fibres, they’re from responsibly managed forests.


We’re forever going greener. We’re always exploring more and more sustainable fabric options as they become available, have pledged to use only recycled cashmere and have our own ethical, sustainable and responsible Ready-to-Wear collection.

We’re becoming more circular. We encourage you to repair, restore and never throw away and we’ll always help breathe new life into our pieces. It makes us happy to think of clothes with nine lives. 

We cut plastics not corners. We use only cloth or biodegradable plastic garment covers and of course biodegradable carrier bags. We also urge you to keep hold of the garment covers – storing yours in them helps prolong their life so you can enjoy wearing them for years to come.

We cut emissions with ambition. We partner with DHL GoGreen, who are deeply committed to reducing and avoiding greenhouse gasses and local air pollutants. It means we can offset all our emissions and maintain the shortest possible supply chain. 

We know we can do more – and better.

We’re always looking for ways in which we can further improve as a company and re-assess our production methods, using constantly emerging technologies. 

Right now, we’re looking into – and using ever more of – recycled fabrics, natural dyes and recycled or degradable components.

At Suzannah London, we strive to create the ultimate in luxury fashion – styles you can truly enjoy wearing in every way. And we know that means having the assurance that our designs have been made responsibly and ethically for both people and planet.

Please do get in touch by emailing to find out more!

If you want to sell on your Suzannah garment, our clients have had great success using the platform Vestaire Collective.


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