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May 08,2023 Behind the Scenes with Suzannah London

An Incredible Honour

We were honoured to have created the gown for HRH Duchess of Edinburgh and the beautiful dress for her daughter Lady Louise. It was truly an incredible experience playing a small part in modern history for the Coronation of King Charles III.


Behind the Scenes

We have been blown away by the support, positivity and interest in the behind-the-scenes pictures that we posted on our Instagram account. It was so moving to see the interest in the British craftsmanship which went into the gown.

The Concept

The custom couture gown worn by the HRH Duchess of Edinburgh was created by our London Atelier. This bespoke cream gown of clean elegant lines was designed to incorporate a beautiful intricate embroidery of British meadow florals inspired by the ceramic artist Rachel Dein. Suzannah discovered Rachel's work at Chelsea Flower Show and visualised the art as 3-dimensional stitchwork. Suzannah involved the embroiderer Jenny King to help translate this vision, together with her own team at the London Atelier, and incorporate this into the design of the gown.

The Process

This particular image displays an early rendition of the embroidery design on the toile, giving it an intriguing, almost three-dimensional sketch-like appearance. As the process unfolded, numerous layers were meticulously incorporated into the embroidery, allowing the creative design to organically evolve and harmonise with the gown's overall aesthetics.

The Details 

We had a truly enjoyable experience throughout this entire process. The opportunities that come our way are deeply appreciated and cherished, and we always remain committed to delivering our very best in collaboration with our valued partners. We extend our heartfelt thanks to HRH Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, and her exceptional team for making this journey and opportunity an absolute joy.

A Closer Look

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