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About Suzannah

Everyone wants to look impossibly beautiful. We want to make it happen.

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!
 Through the Looking Glass



We exist to create impossibly beautiful fashion. It’s what drives us every minute of every day. For us, beautiful enough is never enough. That’s why we go to great lengths and beyond to achieve the exquisite impossible – a reimagined classic to behold, a flawless dream to wear and a sincere promise to the future. Whatever it takes, we find a way.


The Timeless Sublime

Nothing beautiful should ever be lost – so our founder Suzannah believes. She has always been enchanted by the classic looks of the last 100 years. That’s why, when she set up Suzannah London in 2006, she made it her mission to reimagine those timeless fashions through flattering modern cuts and sublimely beautiful and innovative fabrics. She wanted every single piece to be an investment in enduring beauty to be passed on from generation to generation.

And that’s exactly what Suzannah has done – for customers of all kinds, from mothers to future monarchs. She’s created celebrated outfits for famous formal occasions and moments in modern history, and regularly dresses the younger members of the British and European Royal families, as well as A-list celebrities and distinctive members of society worldwide. She’s also called upon to advise on appropriate head-to-heel dress for special occasions, collaborating with the best in British millinery and shoe-design to create the looks.

Her outfits are regularly featured in the fashion press, including British Vogue, Tatler, and Country & Townhouse, and are often chosen by the fashion editors to wear to prestigious weddings, racing meets and film premieres.

What matters most to her and her team however, is hearing from whomever wears her pieces– about how it made them feel and what it means to them each time they put it on.

So please do always let us know.


Dreams to wear

A beautiful dress is only truly beautiful if it’s as gorgeous and flattering to wear as it is to behold. That’s why Suzannah and her team work endlessly to create the ultimate fit and feel for every single piece – and when you’re investing in luxury, that’s just as important as how it looks.

We make, remake and refine every prototype again and again to make sure the lines fall in the most flattering manner on the female form. It takes many days and many skills to get the cut as magical as possible, but we never give up until we achieve that.

We also work with the world's most prestigious Italian cloth mills, choosing all the threads and colours needed to bring to life the design that Suzannah has imagined and created from scratch. We use only the best luxury cloth, chosen for its heritage, beauty, aesthetic appeal and lasting performance – that way, we can make sure the piece you buy can be passed on and on over time.


Forever fashion

Because we create impossibly beautiful clothes made to be loved and passed on, we’re more aware than most fashion brands of the need to look after our beautiful planet for the sake of generations to come.

So while we are a ‘slow fashion’ brand that believes in the fair treatment of people, resources and the planet, we also want to create what we call ‘forever fashion’ – style so sustainable that it helps protect the planet we all share.

That way, we can continue to create timelessly sublime clothes that can be passed on for good. Find out what we’re already doing here.


The Founder

Suzannah Crabb has worked in the fashion industry for twenty three years as a designer, stylist and trend forecaster. With a nostalgic love of the fashion icons of yesterday, she embraces the challenge of creating unique designs for today.


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