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December 10,2022 Embrace the Rainbow 🌈

Embrace the Rainbow

Our signature Rainbow Midi Dress 2023 has been reinvented in two stunning new shades - rich navy and fresh spearmint - for the year ahead. Cleverly crafted with pops of bright pure silk, each sewn individually to create a rainbow of pleats, this dress is truly a work of art. Not only does it photograph beautifully, but it's also perfect for dancing the night away.



With endless versatility, this dress is perfect for any occasion. Pair it with fun, contrasting millinery for a wedding or day at the races, or add some stunning heels for a chic dinner or party. Whether you're dressing up or dressing down, this dress is sure to make a statement.


The Rainbow Midi Dress 2023 is also available in a vibrant and cheerful choice for spring and summer events. In a refreshing spearmint blue, the dress features slices of purple, orange, yellow, and pink within its pleats for a striking and playful look. Perfect for weddings, garden parties, and racing events, this dress will add a touch of pure silk joy to any occasion.

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