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Garment Care

All of our garments require specialist dry cleaning services.

It is important that our garments are cleaned with a good reputable dry cleaning company which specialises in high-level products; silks and bridal. Please select your dry cleaning company with care. Please do not select an ‘Eco’ Dry cleaning company. The processing involved is often not conducive to cleaning silk.

Our customers have had good experience with the following dry cleaners.

  • Elias Dry Cleaners
  • Buckingham Dry Cleaners
  • Jeeves Dry Cleaners

If you do get a mark on a dress at a wedding for example; perhaps you splash with a tiny bit of wine for instance. Please dry dab only. Please do not add water or white wine - This may remove your stain AND the colour from your garment. If you dry dab, the dry cleaner can often remove your stain. If you damage part of your dress with wine and it has not responded. Please tell us!  We can often replace a panel of your dress and rescue it.

Please store your garments on a suitable hanger that does not distort the shoulders and stretch or mis-shape. Please store them with plenty of room.

Steaming: The steaming rule. If you steam any garment to remove creases, this must be done 48 hours before wearing.  Steaming involves moisture which then needs to dry before wear.


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