SALE Dresses

Our Suzannah dresses at a discount price. End of line, one offs and previous season. Our unique designer dresses and luxury collection available at beautiful prices. Limited stocks apply!

Trapeze Line Coat Cream Wool
Trapeze Line Coat Cream Wool £950.00£550.00
Townhall Dress
Townhall Dress £795.00£455.00
Townhall  Dress Black
Townhall Dress Black £795.00£455.00
Printed Silk Shirt Waister
Printed Silk Shirt Waister £850.00£450.00
Boulder Gown Black
Boulder Gown Black £750.00£450.00
Dancehall Polka Print
Dancehall Polka Print £850.00£395.00
Petal A Line Structured
Petal A Line Structured £750.00£295.00
Kaleidoscope Dress Cotton
Kaleidoscope Dress Cotton £395.00£250.00