Mini Beaded Couture Pill Box Hat Oyster


Mini Beaded couture pill box hat. The most ultimate and finely crafted piece of bridal millinery by Edwina Ibbotson. Designed for the Suzannah collection. All over beading and finely crafted butterflies are mounted onto a lightweight shallow pill box. The hat is attached simply with a comb.

A wonderul couture pillbox hat by Edwina Ibbotsen. A fabulous design of fine couture British millinery. The wonderful millinery piece is attached to the head simply with a comb. It is light, stable and effortlessly worn.

Edwina has worked as a milliner for 20 years and is one of Londons leaders in her field. Her pieces are beautiful, and are of divine luxury.

A perfect hat for the Suzannah Cocktail Collection

oyster pillbox