Lace Ultimate Wedding Shift Dress


Short lace wedding shift dress with vintage couture inspiration. French lace in a heavy weight with embroidery over the surface to give wealth and depth to this beautiful shift dress.

A charming beautifully cut embroidered lace shift dress with ultimately flattering fit and immaculate British tailoring.

The french embroidered lace cloth holds a wonderful structure whilst being intricate and beautiful with hand cut scallops and delicate eyelash edging.

Lined throughout the body of the dress in silk crepe, the simple shift is the perfect vintage inspired wedding dress with a retro feeling.

Unlined Sleeves lightens the silhouette.

The neckline can be scooped away at the back if desired.

The  wonderfully elegant shift dress is simple in essence with a heavenly fabrication which can only be appreciated by the eye.

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By Appointment only.


lace shift
ultimate lace shift back
model lace shot