About Suzannah

The person
Suzannah has worked in the fashion industry for fifteen years as a designer, stylist and trend forecaster. With a nostalgic love of the fashion icons of yesterday, she embraces the challenge of creating unique designs for today. She is the driving force behind the brand’s disarming combination of vintage charm with modern vibrance. She finds inspiration in the most unlikely of places and is a perfectionist in every way.
The brand
The Suzannah brand is built on a refusal to compromise around three pillars that define everything that we do:
The cloth
Fine fabric is our passion, the inspiration behind the label and the place from which everything else stems. We use only the highest quality and most unique materials, many of which are bespoke to us, and most of which stem from Italy. We will travel any distance to source and create the most beautiful fabric and take pride in giving our love of vintage couture a sleek and modern edge.
The cut
Playful, flattering, never dull, and utterly unique. Hours and hours of tweaking, refining and perfecting are poured into every new entrant to the Suzannah range. We cut each piece to make you feel great and look like you are wearing your very own piece of haute couture.
The make
We pride ourselves on the quality of workmanship that underlies the entire Suzannah range. We are a happy oddity in making the majority of our pieces in London, and send only a few carefully selected items for the specific skills of one of our overseas partners. Beautiful cloth and a fantastic cut are nothing if they are not produced and executed to perfection.

The CV

Suzannah has made dresses for many celebrities and distinct members of society who need appropriate modern dress and immaculate fit and make. Here are some of her most celebrated:

Lady Rose Gilman- Royal Family

Lady Davina Lewis- Royal Family

The Countess of Ulster- Royal Family

Princess Eugenie- Royal Family

Princess Beatrice- Royal Family

Pippa Middleton- Socialite

Katherine Jenkins- Opera SInger

Denise Van Outen- Celebrity

Julie Christie- Actress

Kristin Scott Thomas- Actress

The Boodles campaigns- International Jeweller

Paloma Faith-  British Singer

Nelly Furtado- Singer

Tulisa-  British Singer/Celebrity

Olivia Grant- British Actress

Olivia Colman- British Actress